10 Unique DIY Centerpieces

These are my 10 favourite alternatives to expensive floral centerpieces.  If you want floral but can’t afford it, then see the earlier post on DIY Flowers to make your own floral arrangements from all sorts of wonderful materials.


1. Candles

candle-centerpieces-assortedCandles are a wonderful alternative to flowers.  Choose different shapes and sizes to create a great looking centerpiece.

2. Teacups


Tea sets stacked in different ways can make a delicate, but eye-catching centerpiece.  Spend time collecting various mismatched teacups and saucers from charity shops for a chic, vintage feel.

3. Fresh herbs


I adore this idea, you could do this one of two ways.  You could buy the herbs a few days before the wedding, (even supermarkets sell growing herbs now), or you could buy them well in advance, and in the weeks before the wedding you could tend to your little herb displays and know that all of your love has gone into these little herbs.  If you did enough these could even double up as favours for your guests to take home at the end of the night.

4. Themed

seashell centerpiece

This gorgeous display would be wonderful for a beach/seaside wedding, you could think of an unlimited number of things to fit with your theme.  Even if you don’t think your wedding particularly has a theme, just a centerpiece that is representative of you two as a couple would be very effective.

5. Upside Down Wine Glasses


I think this makes a stunningly simple display, very Beauty and the Beast!  You could even make your own flowers!

6. Twigs


Easy to get hold of, and held together so simply with a little ribbon.  These would be perfect for a winter wedding, or if your venue is surrounded by woods – Really brings the outside in!

7. Photographs

Photo frames

These gorgeous photo frames with various words/phrases would make a stunning centerpiece.  Surround with a couple of candles and let your friends and family gaze on your favourite photographs of you.  Maybe even include baby photos, a photo of the first time you met, your first Christmas together – Anything that makes you fuzzy inside will make your guests smile.

8. Garden in a jar


I simply love these!  You pour your love and devotion into making your own beautiful centerpieces for your guests to enjoy.  Hand them out as favours, or take them home and watch them grow as your love grows.

9. Books

BookCenterpieceYou knew books would feature somewhere along the way!  Choose your favourites, or just whatever is pretty from the charity shop, but old books stacked and tied with ribbon make a gorgeous centerpiece and conversation piece!  A couple of tealight candles would add a delightful romantic feel.

10. Garden in a book


How about a strangely beautiful combination of #8 and #9?

I just LOVE the idea of this one!  Grow your little plants, or flowers – whatever it is you fancy displaying, and then cut a section from an old book to transfer the plants into.

You could have a stack of books with the top one as a book planter, or just the one planter book per table, either way I think it’s divine!

Photographs sourced from Austin Wedding Blog, Wedding Bee, Ali Baba, Do It Yourself Weddings, Jessica Claire, and Martha Stewart Weddings

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