Cute DIY Wedding Favours

Ahh, wedding favours.  Of course they’re a must, you want to give your guests a keepsake, but sometimes you find the perfect gift, and realise that the cost per guest is just too much.  Here are some unique ideas for memorable DIY keepsakes that cost pence per guest, not pounds, and will keep your guests smiling long after the wedding.

1. A Cup of Tea


We Brits just can’t resist a delicious cup of tea, with these two tutorials you can make a really great favour for your guests and give the gift of a great cuppa.  Boho Weddings tutorial uses existing tea bags, meaning you can go as standard or fancy as you like, or for an added personal touch Spokane Bride have a great tutorial using loose tea leaves and muslin.

2. Seeds of Love

z plants

I simply love the idea of giving seeds to your guests to plant, that way they can look at their beautiful blooms for years to come and remember the wonderful day of your wedding.  Rock My Wedding have a more expensive DIY version if you choose to follow the instructions exactly, and provide plant pots to your guests.  You and Your Wedding  have a great tutorial to give your guests seeds in cute little handmade packets.

3. Hot Chocolate


A brilliant idea for a winter wedding, with just some hot chocolate (or cocoa), some marshmellows, and some disposable icing bags, you can create these wonderful hot chocolate (or cocoa!) cones from Ruffled.

4. Personalised CD/DVD & Cute Case


Using this great tutorial from Rock My Wedding you can create a gorgeous CD holder to hold your homemade CD playlist, or even create a Thank You DVD.  Film a short video of you and your fiancé thanking everyone who was there to support you.  You can get really creative, & have some fun here.  Maybe write a little song or poem, or even put on a short skit re-enacting how you met.  You guests will look forward to watching your video at home, and it’s something that they’re sure to cherish for years to come.

5. Personalised Cookies


With this great little recipe from Intimate Weddings, you can make delicious sugar cookies as favours for your guests.  Ice with your names and your wedding date, or even ice with your guests names to double up as place cards!

6. Cake Pops


Butter Me Up Brooklyn have a fantastic step-by-step guide on making cake pops in bulk, even if you have never made them before!  Cake pops make really fun favours, and you can make them any colour you want using white chocolate and food colouring!

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