Inspiration: DIY Bows

From table decorations, to invite bling, to cake toppers, bows are beautiful and versatile.  Here are some of my favourite bow tutorials from around the web.  Experiment with colour, texture, and patterns to add a whole new dimension to your wedding.

1. Easy “Cheat” Bow


I just adore this “cheat” bow from All Things Original.  So simple to make and you could easily up or down size to make the perfect sized bow for your needs!  Tiny ones would be so simple to make to use as embellishments on invites, or other stationery.

2. Confetti Bow


I love, love, LOVE this tutorial from Hello Sandwich to make this adorable confetti bow.  It’s so unique!

3. The No-Sew Bow

no sew bow

Very sweet no-sew bow from Style Me Pretty with some great, inspirational ideas on where to use them!  (These particular ones have been made to put on top of desserts!)

4. The Big, Floppy Bow


Emmaline Bride have a fantastic tutorial to make a big bow to use as a bow-tie.  Again, you could actually make this in any size you wanted to use for anything your heart desired.

5. The Bow-Tie


I love this bow-tie from Paper N Stitch to make a cute, real bow-tie.  Use your imagination, you could make a big one to go around your cake, or use them to go around vases or jars of flowers for centerpieces – The list is endless!

What would you use bows for?

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