Imaginative & Useful Save The Date Cards

I’m a big believer in making every aspect of your wedding memorable, regardless of size or budget.  It’s why I started this blog!  I believe Save The Dates are SO important, especially in an age where everyone works and no-one can get time off work without booking it six months in advance.  Here are some unique, creative, and even some useful save the date cards to start you on your wedding journey.

Save the date magnets

enhanced-buzz-22240-1361828490-14 STD magnet

Magnets are the idea save the date, that you KNOW your guests won’t lose.  Who doesn’t have a fridge?  This way they will see your wedding date every day, and can keep it long after the wedding as a keepsake!  Bride & Groom Direct have some great ones to buy, or if you want to make your own, see this tutorial by Project Wedding.

Save the date bookmarks

DIY_14July2011_Main enhanced-buzz-11512-1361555061-3

Yes, I am a big ol’ book-geek, and I will forever think that Save The Date bookmarks are the best idea in the whole entire world!  Even if your friends aren’t big readers, they can still be stuck to the fridge with a magnet, or displayed on the mantle.  I love these free printables from The Pretty Blog, or even print off a photo strip like This & That Photography.

Save The Dates that are a little different

Tying the knot


The twine knot ties as you open the card!  How adorable!  Check out the tutorial from The Natural Wedding Company!

Chalk Drawings


Draw your own adorable save the date and get a photograph like these ones from Weddings By Lilly.

Library Cards


I love these library card save the dates that I found on imgur.  Buy library cards cheaply and put all of your special moments onto them!  Adorable.

Save the date scratch card


Hide the date of your wedding, or even the destination and let your guests scratch away to find the information!  This is using just metallic paint and washing up liquid!  See these tutorials and tips at Bridal Musings and Art Mind 

I hope I’ve given you a little inspiration for your own save the date cards!  Make them fun, make them meaningful, but most importantly make them you!

What were your save the dates like?

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