Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Asking your girls to be your bridesmaids is, and should be, a big deal.  Yes, you’re engaged and your best friends will naturally assume that they are your bridesmaids.  It may even be something you’ve spoken about in the past, but it’s still nice to be asked!  It’s like a proposal, you knew that was where your relationship was heading, but you still expect to be asked. (Hey, why should the groom get all the fun of planning a proposal?) Here are some creative and squeal-inducing ways to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids.

1. The traditional written “invite” (with a DIY twist)


This tutorial from Glamour & Grace is just about my most favourite thing in the entire world.  Very simply made with white pencil and watercolour paints (we all did this at school!)  There’s even a tutorial to make the envelopes!  You can personalise colours to suit your bridesmaids tastes, or your themes, and you don’t have to use the template provided – Let your imagination run wild!


Or how about this tutorial from Once Wed?  Again this is simple DIY using things we’ve all made before!  (Paper dolls) – You can personalise the hair cuts for each bridesmaid, and even make the dresses in the colour and style that you want!  This also lets each bridesmaid know who the other bridesmaids are.  (Cue the excited phonecalls between them!)


2. Say it with baked goods

enhanced-buzz-5278-1361472025-7 enhanced-buzz-7542-1361471422-3


If you like to bake, why not invite all of your girls over and present them with cupcakes or another sweet treat as your proposal?  Macaroons and cupcakes are particularly good because they are so versatile when it comes to colouring, so you could dress up your foods in your maids favourite colours, or your wedding colours.

3. Say it with wine!

enhanced-buzz-5995-1361385675-8 enhanced-buzz-24525-1361385521-5


Now I know my friends would LOVE this.  Again you could invite all of the girls over and gift them each with a personalised bottle of wine, and then you could crack open that wine and start choosing dresses.  Instant girls night!  (Don’t forget the pizza)

4. With a keepsake



Why not give them a personalised wine glass to go with all of that wine?  They can keep these forever and remember the fun you had at your wedding.  Or for a real personal touch, why not gift them with an empty, personalised coat hanger, and tell them that you hope they will use it to hang their bridesmaid dresses on!  Swoon!  There are a million ideas for personalised gifts, get them something just for them (based on what they like) or get something to give an idea of the theme of your wedding.

5. With a funny card



You know your bridesmaids are going to need to help with that, so get it out the way to begin with and let them know what’s expected! 😉

How did you ask your best girls to be your bridesmaids?

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