Cold Weather Weddings

Autumn and winter may not be the most popular time to be wed, but it’s my favourite time of year so here are some lovely ideas to inspire you to have your own cold weather wedding!

Also, remember that (aside from Christmas) a lot of venues will be cheaper at this time of year!  So if you’re after a cheaper alternative to a summer (peak time!) wedding, then why not consider an autumn wedding?  There’s a lot of joy to be had in choosing rich, autumnal colours, and seasonal blooms.


Hot Chocolate Bar


There’s nothing better on a cool evening than a nice cup of hot chocolate or cocoa.  Why not provide your guests with a beautiful hot chocolate bar (or even tea and coffee!) so that your guests can help themselves to a lovely hot drink.  Kids will also love having a choice of delicious things to add to their hot chocolate.  (Just make sure they always have an adult to ensure there are no incidents!)  I love this handy little guide to get you started by Tatertots & Jello at, including the vintage-esque tags for the jars, and some great ideas for more sophisticated toppings for the adults.

Seasonal Bouquets

seasonal flowers

Make the most of beautiful winter berries, and autumnal foliage by incorporating them into your flower arrangements!  Delicate roses look stunning when offset with pine-cones and berries, it will really grab your guests attention.  I love these from The Flower Magician and The Rose Shed – Keep the theme running throughout the wedding by incorporating the same into your centrepieces and venue décor.  Whilst most flowers are now available year round, try to take advantage of more seasonal blooms, such as snowdrops and dahlias!  I love this post by Thompson & Morgan on seasonal blooms.  (& a little online search will turn up many more similar posts!)

Bridal Accessories

faux fur

Faux fur stoles and shrugs make a beautiful and practical addition to your wedding gown!  If I could guarantee the weather in this country, I would love to get married in the snow in a beautiful fur stole!  I adore these ones from Bride To Be and Bridal Knot.  You could choose a more traditional style and opt for white or ivory, or you could use it as an opportunity to add a pop of colour to your ensemble!  (Just try not to neglect your bridesmaids, if you don’t want everyone in faux fur at least give them the option of a little bolero or shrug so they don’t freeze!)

Seasonal Placecards


If you, or a friend, are any good at calligraphy (or just have lovely handwriting) then instead of spending money on placecards, why not go out and find some leaves to write on like these from Once Wed?  Not only do they bring the outside in, and celebrate the season, but they are free!  You could even make a little afternoon of it with your groom or your bridesmaids, and visit a local park to find some nice leaves!  In early Autumn there are a wide spectrum of colours in the falling leaves from bright yellow to orange and red.  You can vary leaf colours and shapes to get real variety, or put more love into searching and try to find identical leaves!

Candles, Candles, Everywhere


Set the mood most beautifully with lots and lots of beautiful candles.  They not only look gorgeous, but they really do create an ambience.  Throw in the odd scented candle to further add to the atmosphere!  For lots of inspiration on where and how to use candles in your wedding, I love this post by Designer Chair Covers.  Be sure and check with your venue that they will allow open flames, and if you are having children at your wedding please ensure appropriate safety precautions are taken to keep the little ones safe!

Winter Wedding Cake

winter cake

Why not incorporate the outdoors into your cake, either literally or just in colour (or both!)  I love this cake on a log, complete with little birds, from Rebecca Thuss, or even better incorporate chocolate to accentuate the “woody/outdoor” feel like this one from The Natural Wedding Company.  (I think this may actually be my favourite wedding cake of all time!)

Thinking Of Your Guests


I mentioned in an earlier post about the little touches being important, and the previous post touched on keeping guests happy at a summer wedding by providing sunglasses, fans, or other nice little touches.  For a winter wedding why not pick up lots of these cheap knitted gloves for your guests to keep their hands warm like these from Live View Studios?  Tied with ribbon, with a little tag, make them a lovely favour.  You could even buy them in colours to complement your wedding theme!

Choosing A Colour Palette

autumn winter colours

Autumn and winter are underrated as seasons for their colour and beauty.  When we think of spring and summer we think of vibrant eye-popping colour, but people often forget and neglect the deeper, richer tones of the cooler months.  (Or muted if that’s what you opt for!)  A winter wedding can be spectacularly beautiful when dipped and smothered in a cool palette of whites, silvers, and blues, like this one from Bridal Guide or you can indulge in the the richness of autumn with ivories, golds, and reds, like this one from I Love Crafty Weddings.  Don’t forget that deep jewel tones would compliment cold-weather weddings beautifully, as well as muted tones of grey and dusky rose.  Why not take some inspiration from Aelia‘s colour palette below.  (Many more palettes under the link.)



Would you consider a cold-weather wedding?


2 thoughts on “Cold Weather Weddings

  1. I love the first bouquet, the first cake AND the first colour pallet. I think over all I would prefer an Autumn wedding if only for the excellent array of colours associated with it.

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