It’s The Little Touches…

(Forgive the shorter post tonight, and the missed post over the weekend, I’m a little under the weather!)

Tonight’s post is a few little touches that you may not have thought of.  Either take these ideas for your own, or perhaps they will inspire you to add your own unique little touches!

Whoever heard of a wedding bathroom?


I found this picture on Wedding Idea Pins, and for the life of me I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t seen this happening all over, or why I had never thought of the idea myself!  Why should you neglect your venue bathroom on your special day?  If you didn’t do anything to your bathroom, no one would think or say anything, but if you did something like the above, well your guests would not only appreciate it but they would go gaga and tell everyone they know about it!  (I know I would!)

 Polaroid Photo-Op


I’ve posted about a hanging frame photo-op previously, the last one with a window in so your guests could draw on it before they took their pictures, but how about this one from Style Me Pretty?  Make a large polaroid frame, and your guests can have photographs in pretend polaroids!  Lovely!

Secret Message Wedding Rings


These wedding rings from Yoon Jung Yun have a message, or a heart, in the metal so that it leaves an indent on your finger.  That way, if you ever have to take your ring off, you can see a message of love left on your finger.

Flowery Hair In A New Way


I really love this hairstyle with flowers strewn across it!  A very simple style made so very elegant and “weddingy” just with the use of flowers!  This would work with absolutely any wedding style, and you could have just one or two flowers, or have lots like in the image above!  As far as I can tell this image came from this tumblr, but if anyone knows that to be incorrect please let me know.

Polaroid Guest Book


For your guest book, why not have your guests take polaroids of themselves and write their messages next to their polaroids, like this one from Oh Brides.  If you’re worried about polaroids costing too much then you could always have disposable cameras and ask guests to take a photo, then leave a space for the photo to be placed into the book.  It could be fun for you and your husband, sitting and putting all of the photographs next to the right messages.

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