“Wait, they don’t love you like I love you…”

Given the title of this blog is a song lyric, I’m sure you can guess where this is going.  For any unfamiliar with the song, it was Maps, and this blog is all about maps.

I often sing the praises of books and things made from books, so I thought I would lean towards maps this time!  Here are some beautiful DIY things made from maps!  If, like me, you love books, these things could also easily be made with book pages!

Maybe you love to travel, or met on holiday, maybe you’re having a destination wedding, or maybe you just love maps; hopefully there’s some inspiration here for you!


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Imaginative & Useful Save The Date Cards

I’m a big believer in making every aspect of your wedding memorable, regardless of size or budget.  It’s why I started this blog!  I believe Save The Dates are SO important, especially in an age where everyone works and no-one can get time off work without booking it six months in advance.  Here are some unique, creative, and even some useful save the date cards to start you on your wedding journey.

Save the date magnets

enhanced-buzz-22240-1361828490-14 STD magnet

Magnets are the idea save the date, that you KNOW your guests won’t lose.  Who doesn’t have a fridge?  This way they will see your wedding date every day, and can keep it long after the wedding as a keepsake!  Bride & Groom Direct have some great ones to buy, or if you want to make your own, see this tutorial by Project Wedding.

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A Wedding To Remember

So you’ve been slaving away planning your wedding, but let me ask you, what sets it apart from other weddings?  What are your guests going to remember about it in 20 years time?  I’ve gathered some great, and fun ideas to make your wedding extra memorable, from sending the save the dates right up to making the day itself a little different.  I hope you enjoy them!


1. Send a memorable Save The Date

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Save the date cards are the intro to your ENTIRE wedding.  They give people a taste of what the day is going to be like, so colour scheme, fonts, and anything else you think about are important.  Personally, I ALWAYS save any Save The Date cards or invites that I receive, so why not make them memorable?  They will give your guests a giggle, and let’s face it they’re more likely to remember the date!

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Cute DIY Wedding Favours

Ahh, wedding favours.  Of course they’re a must, you want to give your guests a keepsake, but sometimes you find the perfect gift, and realise that the cost per guest is just too much.  Here are some unique ideas for memorable DIY keepsakes that cost pence per guest, not pounds, and will keep your guests smiling long after the wedding.

1. A Cup of Tea


We Brits just can’t resist a delicious cup of tea, with these two tutorials you can make a really great favour for your guests and give the gift of a great cuppa.  Boho Weddings tutorial uses existing tea bags, meaning you can go as standard or fancy as you like, or for an added personal touch Spokane Bride have a great tutorial using loose tea leaves and muslin.

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Inspiration: DIY Bows

From table decorations, to invite bling, to cake toppers, bows are beautiful and versatile.  Here are some of my favourite bow tutorials from around the web.  Experiment with colour, texture, and patterns to add a whole new dimension to your wedding.

1. Easy “Cheat” Bow


I just adore this “cheat” bow from All Things Original.  So simple to make and you could easily up or down size to make the perfect sized bow for your needs!  Tiny ones would be so simple to make to use as embellishments on invites, or other stationery.

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DIY Accessories

Making your own version of anything is great.  It’s not only cheaper, but anything you make is completely customisable and you can make it as personalised as you like.  Paying someone else to personalise their existing design for you can be costly, and doesn’t always come out as you envisioned.  Not to mention the fact that you can look back at your wedding day, and your photos, and be forever proud of the beautiful things you created.

Here’s a handful of bridal accessories that you can create yourself, and make it truly your own!

1. DIY Garter


I absolutely adore this garter tutorial from Wedding Bee.  It looks absolutely beautiful, but the step-by-step tutorial makes it so simple to create your own, customised garter.  You could personalise this with your favourite coloured lace and ribbon, or even personalise it with the initials of you and your partner.  Adorable!

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DIY Bouquets

Flowers are gorgeous, and there’s nothing like a beautiful bouquet, but fresh flowers can be so expensive, so I’ve gathered some cute DIY ideas to inspire you to make your own bouquet, that will not only save you money, but will last a lifetime to remind you of your special day.  With these handy little tutorials and a little creative flair, you can make bouquets, center pieces, button holes, corsages – The only limit is your imagination!

1. DIY Crepe Paper Flowers


If you had told me you could make a beautiful bouquet from crepe paper, I wouldn’t have believed you in a million years, but with these amazing tutorials from Martha Stewart Weddings and The Bride’s Cafe  you will learn to make the most beautiful flowers out of what is probably the weirdest material in this list!  I love how simple these are to make, and clearly how beautiful they can look!

2. DIY Lace Flowers


Lace is a classic wedding fabric, and with this tutorial from Missie Krissie you’ll be well on your way to making a gorgeous, statement bouquet.  Adding a brooch or some beading will really help the delicate lace to pop!

3. DIY Ribbon Flowers


There are so many different colours and types of ribbon out there, but I love these gorgeous satin flowers by Hamilton’s Boutique and Make It Do.  A bouquet of satin roses would compliment a bridal gown perfectly!

4. DIY Fabric Flowers


I love these sweet little flowers.  With these you’re free to use any fabric, any pattern, any colour to really get the look that you want.  Simply Vintage Girl uses a synthetic silky fabric, whereas Little Birdie Secrets makes hers with organza.

5. DIY Paper Flowers


Being a bookworm I love, love, LOVE these flowers.  Of course you could choose to make them with various coloured papers, but just imagine having flowers made from pages of your childhood favourites.  You can easily scoop up books from any charity shop,  and I just think they’re beautifully effective.  Check out The Elli Blog for a brilliant paper rose tutorial, and free downloads.  If you fancy something a little different, why not look at Folding Trees for a Kusudama tutorial, which comes in two simple parts.  Part 1, (making the flowers) & Part 2 (putting them together into a ball or bouquet.)