Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Asking your girls to be your bridesmaids is, and should be, a big deal.  Yes, you’re engaged and your best friends will naturally assume that they are your bridesmaids.  It may even be something you’ve spoken about in the past, but it’s still nice to be asked!  It’s like a proposal, you knew that was where your relationship was heading, but you still expect to be asked. (Hey, why should the groom get all the fun of planning a proposal?) Here are some creative and squeal-inducing ways to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids.

1. The traditional written “invite” (with a DIY twist)


This tutorial from Glamour & Grace is just about my most favourite thing in the entire world.  Very simply made with white pencil and watercolour paints (we all did this at school!)  There’s even a tutorial to make the envelopes!  You can personalise colours to suit your bridesmaids tastes, or your themes, and you don’t have to use the template provided – Let your imagination run wild!

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