It’s The Little Touches…

(Forgive the shorter post tonight, and the missed post over the weekend, I’m a little under the weather!)

Tonight’s post is a few little touches that you may not have thought of. ¬†Either take these ideas for your own, or perhaps they will inspire you to add your own unique little touches!

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Creating A Colour Scheme

I touched briefly on colour schemes for Autumn and Winter in the post for cold-weather weddings, and with a palette in front of you it’s easy to select a few colours that go together, but how do you go about creating a colour scheme from scratch?

To do this you need to both understand colour, and understand what kind of vibe you’re trying to create, whether it’s using different shades or tones of the same colour family, or clashing colours for a vibrant look.

We’re going to look in-depth at a colour wheel so that we can really understand the relationships between the colours! ¬†There are more in-depth posts out there, but as our aim here is creating colour schemes for weddings, I’m going to stick to a few main groups.


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