“Wait, they don’t love you like I love you…”

Given the title of this blog is a song lyric, I’m sure you can guess where this is going.  For any unfamiliar with the song, it was Maps, and this blog is all about maps.

I often sing the praises of books and things made from books, so I thought I would lean towards maps this time!  Here are some beautiful DIY things made from maps!  If, like me, you love books, these things could also easily be made with book pages!

Maybe you love to travel, or met on holiday, maybe you’re having a destination wedding, or maybe you just love maps; hopefully there’s some inspiration here for you!


Paper Hearts


How stunning is this garland of paper hearts?  They are so effective and look amazing, but they are so easy to make!  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at the tutorial from Colour Her Hope!  These would look great on the edge of tables, hung from the ceiling, or many other places.  The only limit is your imagination as these would look truly beautiful incorporated into any aspect of your wedding.  You could even get really creative and think up a way to use them as place cards!

Map Envelope Liners



Perfect for sending invites to your destination wedding!  For something that looks so beautiful, they are unbelievably simple to make!  They can be time consuming, but this bride on Wedding Bee swears that they were completely worth it.  I love the idea of putting DIY touches, and the effort of something homemade, into such an early part of your wedding.  We often think about DIY for the day, and even for the invites themselves, but never the envelopes!  Your guests will love the surprise when they open the envelope.

 Map Backdrop/Signs



For a couple that love travelling, like this couple from Green Wedding Shoes this map backdrop/sign is easy, and absolutely gorgeous.  There is so much inspiration to be had here; above the bride & groom’s seats at the reception, signs for restrooms, the bar, the venue – the uses are limitless!  Create sign-age to your hearts content!  My one tip would be to practice practice practice your penmanship before committing to drawing on your maps!

Paper Roses



If you remember, I previously posted about DIY bouquets, and paper roses were one of the gorgeous alternatives to fresh flowers.  Using that amazing tutorial from The Elli Blog you could use maps to create a stunning map bouquet, like these from First Come First Flowers.  Especially beautiful when paired with delicate pastel colours that pick up on the blues, beiges, and greens in the maps.

Little Touches



If you want to incorporate maps without going overboard, then these little projects are perfect.  The table numbers from The Knot would be really easy to put together with some frames and some numbers, painted in the same colours as your wedding.  I also love these wooden map-covered letters from Not On The High Street , but if you don’t have the money to spare it would probably be quite easy to fashion your own!

4 thoughts on ““Wait, they don’t love you like I love you…”

  1. I never would have considered using maps for anything wedding related, but I’ve fallen in love with the paper heart maps and the map flowers, they’re so beautiful and definitely unique. 🙂

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